Lets Talk Rugs – Size, Color, and Textures

January 7, 2016

rug-largeRugs are one of those things that will not be one of the most expensive purchases of your room, but they’re not the cheapest either. It not like you can run down to Target and find a gorgeous 8 x 10 shag for an easy 50 bucks. These days you can find a nice quality  area rug for about $300. Thats a lot of money to spend on one object for your room. But i guarantee you, with the right selection, it will make the WORLD of difference.

What is the right size for your space? In most cases bigger is better. Why is this? Think of your rug as a frame for your space. If you think about it, a rug is the only piece in the room that will share itself with most of the other pieces in your room. 
In the picture above, the rug is touching a couch, two accent chairs, the coffee table AND a side table. It brings all of the separate pieces together to make one cohesive look for the room. 

A rug can set the entire tone of a room. Choosing the right rug comes down to your own personal style. Do you like more neutral tones? Maybe you love a nice pop of color? rug-colorReally, the only advice I can give you is go with something that YOU love. If you choose a rug that YOU love and it make you happy then you can’t go wrong. Pillows, picture frames, vases, etc. come in later.

This is by far, my favorite category! I love a good textured rug! Shag, cowhide, jute, you name it! Texture is probably on of the most forgotten elements when people are choosing decor items for their spaces. But yet, its one of the most important! Mix it up, if you have a sleek coffee table, go with a shag or furry rug. RugsI WILL BE SO HAPPY IF THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU AWAY FROM THIS POST – LAYER LAYER LAYER!! This is an easy way to add an insane amount of interest to your space without doing much at all. Plus it will really impress your guests!

Well that’s all for now guys! It was amazing sharing all of my rug secrets with you! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and get to use some of them in your own homes!

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