We’re Buying a House!!!

September 22, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Yes, we are buying a new house. We currently live in my parents old house. We bought it off of them just after Corey proposed. We did a couple things to spruce it up a bit, nothing major. But the house never really felt like our home. I mean, I lived there happily with my Dad, Mom and brother for 10 years, but Corey and I were starting this new chapter of our lives and it still felt like their place, not ours. So one year later…

Home FrontTa Daaa! Our new old home! Let me tell you, house shopping sounds great and is fun… for the first 5 minutes! Don’t get me wrong, day dreaming and looking at properties in my area is always on my fallback list of things to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But actually looking to purchase a home can be stressful. Especially when you get into a bidding war with the current owners and they have multiple offers! But luckily I have my Mortgage Banking Officer Fiancé to deal with all of that!

Now lets see what we are working with here

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