The Fallbrook House: Before

Home Front

I am so excited to work with this curb appeal! The front porch, the circle drive… so adorable.

Living Room

The Living Room… A little on the smaller side, but I actually enjoy that, its cozy! One thing that bugs the living daylights out of me is heavy wall texture! That has got to go!Kitchen and Dining

The Kitchen and Dining Room. Lost of updating needed here but really excited to work with the fireplace!Master Bedroom

The Master… Again, the heavy wall texture! Since it picks up so many shadows, I feel like it makes a space look smaller and dirtier. Two things that I don’t want. Master Bath

The Master Bathroom. Pink Pink Pink. But it has potential!Guest Bedroom

This house has 3 guest bedrooms. I know what you’re thinking, 4 bedrooms and this lady is only engaged, she does not need that much space! Hey, sometimes I wish I didn’t, I would love a smaller house payment, especially in Southern California. Actually, my best friend and her 4 year old son are currently living with us and they are so much like family that I don’t see or want them going anywhere anytime soon! Plus both Corey and I have family from out of town and we would love to give them a comfortable place to stay when visiting. Shelves

This house has some neat features like some built-ins scattered around the house. All they need is some updating!Bonus Room

This is the bonus room. Corey is convinced this is going to be his man cave… We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


Now to my favorite part of the house… the yard! What came about to us even buying a new place was we are currently trying to plan a wedding, but Corey just couldn’t bring himself to spend such large amounts of money on something that would only last one day (my little money manager)! So we compromised, He told me “We can up our house budget, take the money we would have spent on a venue and add it to the down payment, but you have to figure out a way to get married on the property.” I saw this property and said “DEAL”!

Dance Court

This is currently a sports court, but with a little concrete and stain, can you say dance floor! I saw this and immediately bought reception site! Just add a some cafe lights above and you got yourself a party!

Chess Court

And how precious is this! All it needs is some landscape work!The Barn

I call this, The Barn. It’s in the back of the property and wait ’till you see the inside!

Inside BarnInside Barn 2

CEREMONY! Currently set up as a guest house or play room (and after the wedding will probably turn into the party house). I love the expose beams and wood burning stove! ugh, so much greatness!

Well… that’s all folks! Thanks for taking the tour with me! I can’t wait to start this adventure with you!

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